Discover the latest features in “Lead Gen & CRM”s upgraded Email Builder!

“Lead Gen & CRM” regularly undergoes upgrades staying up-to-date to the evolving needs of users. Here are the latest significant updates that mainly cover Email Builder, as email remains a dominant communication tool with leads and customers.

There are over 40 new email templates that have been added in “Lead Gen & CRM” email template collection. Visually appealing design, thanks to eye-catching fonts and clean, professional layouts making new templates an impactful and effective communication tool.

Navigate to the new editor by starting from the Email category.

  1. Click on the Email Templates tab.
  2. Select the Designer Templates or Simple Templates folders (this is where the new templates and new editing functions are available).
new templates and editor leadgen crm
Image: New templates folders with new editor functions in “Lead Gen & CRM”
email templates lead gen and crm
Image: Variety of new templates in “Lead Gen & CRM”

Up to 95% of surveyed respondents prefer dark mode screens over light mode.

Source: Polar, 2019; Android Authority, 2020

In the digital landscape, it’s not just the devices themselves that are embracing dark mode; major social networks, messaging platforms, streaming services, and online marketplaces are actively incorporating this feature due to its widespread popularity. Consequently, adapting your email design for a dark mode scheme has become a crucial step in catering to the preferences of your clients. With the dark mode preview function in “Lead Gen & CRM”, you can assess how your email appears on the screens of users who opt for this color choice.

dark mode preview lead gen and crm
Image: Previewing a newsletter in a dark mode in “Lead Gen & CRM”

2 out of 3 Malaysians purchase items they need online and on their phones.

Source: Meltwater, 2023

Having a mobile phone in Malaysia is increasingly a necessity rather than a luxury, given the essential role it plays in helping Malaysians stay connected in our ever-evolving social environment. This extends to your existing and potential clients who engage with your emails on their mobile devices. With the enhanced email builder, you now have greater influence over how your emails appear and operate on smaller screens. Easily switch between desktop and mobile views in the editor as you make adjustments.

mobile preview mode leadgenandcrm
Image: Viewing a newsletter in a mobile preview mode in “Lead Gen & CRM”

An inline frame (“iframe”) is an HTML element designed to embed and load another HTML page within the current document. Iframes find widespread use in areas such as displaying advertisements, embedding videos, implementing web analytics, and presenting interactive content. Embedding HTML into your template gives you more flexibility and freedom on email design.

Embed iframe
Image: Embed iframe for more contents in “Lead Gen & CRM”

Now “Lead Gen & CRM” comes handy with AI writing tools. Easily generate new taglines, headers, and paragraphs using user-friendly AI feature. This innovation is seamlessly integrated into the new email editor, accessible for all text content blocks. Stay ahead by harnessing the power of AI for content creation and enhancement.


“Lead Gen & CRM” is a comprehensive solution, providing users with the tools necessary for impactful and effective communication with leads and clients of the B2B environment. The new email builder of “Lead Gen & CRM” offers an updated email editor that simplifies the email-building experience, making it easier to structure your email and fill it with content. Get in touch with us today and enjoy the power of our latest email builder, empowering you to create engaging and effective communications with ease.

What's next for you?

“Lead Gen & CRM” stands as a leading CRM and Marketing Automation software with a  dedicated team based in Malaysia. Tailored to cater to enterprises in the South East Asian region, our platform offers unparalleled support through various messengers and video calls, ensuring direct and timely assistance. With onboarding processes specifically crafted for your business, we provide a comprehensive solution that you can trust for the long term. If you’re seeking a reliable CRM and Marketing Automation tool, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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