Stay Ahead with Marketing Automation: A Must for Malaysian SMEs

In this article we tackle some of the questions commonly asked by those considering implementing advanced digital tools into their business:

  • What sets Marketing Automation and CRM apart from other business tools?
  • Why SMEs should not ignore implementing it?


Marketing Automation is the use of software platforms to automate various marketing and sales engagement activities and processes. Regardless of a company’s size, its objectives remain consistent:

  1. Saving Time: automation reduces the time spent on manual tasks.
  2. Lowering Costs: it streamlines operations and scales up approaches leading to cost savings.
  3. Increasing Sales due to enhanced targeting and lead nurturing.
  4. Improving Efficiency: Marketing Automation ensures processes run smoothly with minimal oversight.


In essence, Marketing Automation simplifies your marketing efforts by automating tasks and activities that would otherwise require constant supervision.

digitalization shares MY
Image: Areas of Malaysian respondents’ business that's been digitised. Source: PayPal, 2022

The Solution for Multiple Tasks

Nowadays marketing and sales require a multi touch-approach, especially when communication with each potential customer is personalised, timely and consistent. If you are currently conducting all marketing activities manually with limited human resources, you will find yourself buried under a mountain of tasks that are never-ending. In this case Marketing Automation might be the only solution. 

Here are some examples of the most popular marketing automation application:

  • Sending “Thank You” emails and publishing social media posts.
  • Alerting your sales team to follow up with leads.
  • Reaching out your database of potential clients in one click
  • Composing real-time analytics reports.

When setting up an automated workflow with tasks, you only need to make sure they run correctly once, from there you can rely on the process to run itself automatically.  

Another essential marketing automation and CRM benefit is the ability to capture important data about leads behaviour. This allows business leaders to analyse and improve marketing and sales initiatives based on hard numbers. Allocate the saved time on expanding your business instead with other important matters such as brainstorming the next groundbreaking proposal, refining your advertising strategy, or optimising your social media presence.

Did you know?

70% of all SMEs in Malaysia are new to or have not digitised yet.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve, 2022

Not Just for the Corporate Giants

While SMEs form the backbone of the nation’s business landscape, their adoption of digital technologies trails behind that of larger corporations. You may be wondering if Marketing Automation and CRM software is only affordable for large corporations with extensive customer lists. But Marketing Automation and lead generation softwares such as Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact is not only affordable but also well-suited for small teams and businesses. Even more, many of such software solutions are specifically designed to address the pain points encountered by SMEs, facilitating their growth.

In the realm of marketing, leads are a finite resource. Effective lead management and lead nurturing are crucial to maximising their potential.

Thankfully, lead management doesn’t need to be complex, time-consuming, or expensive. There are concrete steps you can take to ensure your leads evolve alongside your brand. Educating leads about the value of your products or services is key to maintaining a fruitful relationship.

What's next for you?

Marketing Automation offers a wealth of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It’s not just a secret weapon for big professional organisations only, but a practical solution that can revolutionise your marketing efforts, save time, and empower your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

If your business is focused on South East Asian market, it is good to have a local partner who can provide you CRM and lead generation solution considering the nuances of your business. Our local team of CRM professionals can match the most suitable functions and conduct an onboarding process for your team. Reach out to us now for a free consultation.

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