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Be creative without limits! Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM comes with compelling email features allows you to seamlessly create emails within the platform itself, saving you time and resources. The best part? It works best with automation, allowing you to create and customise emails for each and every one of your leads.

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Email Health Reports

Systematically track & understand the performance of your emails, all the way to bottom line ROI for easy comparison & comprehensive analysis

Dynamic Content

Nurture your leads with hyper-personalised content via dynamic emails that resonate with the wants and needs of your leads.

Ready-to-use Designer Templates

Create striking designs with your emails using our built-in, user-friendly email builder. No coding skills needed, just simply drag and drop to suit your design needs!

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Build the best CRM for your needs. Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM comes with an integrated cloud-based CRM feature within the platform itself; it’s fully customisable according to your specific requirements and tailored to work seamlessly with marketing automation features.

Actionable CRM Reports

CRM reports allow you to view your sales team’s progress and accurately forecast sales performances. Reports are customisable according to different focus areas such as conversion, activity, projection, and more!

Bird’s-eye Pipeline View

Easily view the progress of all your prospects throughout the sales cycle with our simple drag and drop interface, enabling you to manage your sales funnel with the right decisions based on relevant information.

Real-time Lead Scoring

Lead scoring automatically keeps track of your leads’ engagements with your business and scores them accordingly. This helpful feature enables your sales team to carefully identify leads that are ready to be converted!


Visualise your lead’s journey and automate content to nurture. Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM has an intuitive workflow builder to customise each buyers workflow with branching logics and specific triggers to create personalised touch points on your lead’s path to conversion.

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Dynamic List

Automatically segment your database based on past behaviours or specific actions made by your leads. This dynamic list updates every time a lead matches the criterias set.

Notifying Sales People

Keep your sales team informed immediately and on the go when a high potential lead has entered into your system or has engaged with your brand without even needing to log in!

Email Drip Campaigns

Ensure that your brand is consistently top-of-mind. Educate new and existing contacts on your brand, products, and services with carefully curated automatic email drip campaigns.

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Data-driven decisions at your fingertips. Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM comes with comprehensive data analytics and reporting, making the platform a central hub for all integral data. Make analytics your recipe to success by tracking and analysing past data and efforts to that you can continuously make enhancements.

Google Ads Integration

Keep track of paid search campaigns, get robust keyword data, and follow Google Ads costs all the way to the bottom-line within the platform itself

Media Assets Tracking

Analyse the performance of media assets such as videos, PDFs, and images from multiple platforms to accurately gauge performance of different medias across different platforms.

Campaign Analytics & Tracking

Reveal true ROI by tracking all your conversions: from your leads’ first touchpoint with your brand all the way until the final stage.

Other Features


Provide timely & relevant responses. Create amazing user experiences with our chatbots – and yes, it helps generates leads too!

Content Calendar

Never miss a post. Get a clear & comprehensive view of all social activity, email and blog contents across various platforms with our content calendar.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms that look & feel like your website. Capture lead information with our built-in form builder.

Landing Pages

No coding required! Swiftly create instant landing pages with our built-in simple drag and drop dynamic landing page builder.

Shopping Cart

Close the loop when it comes to cart abandonments. Encourage checkouts from potential customers with our shopping cart feature!

Visitor ID

Knowledge is power. Fully equip your team with detailed knowledge of your leads & all their engagement with unique Visitor ID for behavioural analytics.