3 Ways to Increase Brand Recall

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When some people think of car, they think of BMW. Some think of Porsche.

When some people think of laptops, they think of Apple. Some think of HP.

It doesn’t matter which brand you thought of first in each category, but these 4 brands have managed to match a product that’s in your mind to their brand. That’s the power of effective marketing: Brand Recall. After all, you’d want your brand to be the first thing people think of when they think of a particular product.

In short, brand recall is how likely people will remember your brand, products, or services.

Let us help you ensure that your brand recall is at the top of it’s game!

3 Ways to Increase Brand Recall

1. Hit them where it hurts!

When it comes to selling your brand, product, or service, it has very little to do with actually selling those things. Instead, focus on addressing your customer’s pain points and struggles rather than how great your brand, product, or service actually is.

Speak about your unique-selling points (USPs) in a way that it can alleviate their pain points and struggles that your target audience may be facing. 

Your audience is more concerned about how it will benefit them rather than what your product or service can actually do.

Testimonials are a great way in building credibility towards your brand, especially if they consist of how you’ve managed to help other customers with their issues. This can aid in brand recall by linking a solution to a problem with your brand.

Did you know?

79% of people say that user-generated content such as testimonials highly impact their purchasing decisions. 

(Stackla, 2021)

2. Remind them that you're around!

No marketing strategy only utilities one channel to connect to its target audience. In every marketing strategy, brands will use multiple channels to ensure that their brand is able to connect with their target audience, no matter what channel their target audience is in. This includes both online and offline channels such as:

Online offline channels SharpSpring Asia

Just remember: Keep your branding and messaging consistent throughout all your channels. Being consistent will help you build a strong brand identity with your audience, which aids in brand recall and affinity. 

Did you know?

Consistent presentation of a brand can increase your revenue by 33%. 

(Lucidpress, 2019)

3. Show them that you care!

We’re all the main characters of our lives, and we all want things to be about us. 

Brands can leverage on this to stay relevant with their target audience and customers via personalisation. Instead of sending business-as-usual email blasts to your audience, send them content that is highly relevant to them. This could be a webpage they have visited in the past, or even items that they have added to their shopping cart but have yet to check out.

Dynamic Content-SharpSpring Asia-1

By doing this, you’re showing your prospects and customers that you are aware of their interests, and that you’re aware of where they have left off with your brand. This can support your brand in lead nurturing and guiding them towards purchase decision.

Additionally, you may also focus on segmenting your customer base to personalise your outreach to them across various channels. Is there a specific demographic, category, or interest that you can group your customers into? To illustrate, a beauty products bundle that is to be promoted to a male and female audience may differ greatly. As such, you increase your customer’s chances of purchasing your products by giving you customers something that is relevant to them.

Audience Persona Segmentation SharpSpring Asia

What's next for you?

It’s pivotal for your brand to remain at the top of its game and in the top of the minds of your prospects.

Find ways for your brand to be intentional and relevant with your prospects and customers. After all, both prospects and customers liked to be valued, hence reciprocate by creating value for them!

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