4 Ways CRM Can Boost Business Growth

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Customer relationship management, or CRM, is becoming a very prominent tool for managing interactions between businesses and its customers, especially where B2B activities are concerned. But how exactly does it work? Moreover, how does your business stand to benefit from the use of CRM?

What is CRM?

CRM softwares enable companies to record interactions with, collect data from, and make notes on existing or potential customers. This approach helps companies maintain contact with customers, which subsequently enhances productivity.

Data is first gathered by CRM systems from a variety of sources and channels, such as the website and social media of a business. Moreover, businesses can also encourage customers to provide more information by encouraging customers to sign up for a free demo or fill up a contact form on your website. The data gathered will enable you to have a deeper understanding of customer relationships.

CRM for B2B: Why you need it!

CRM is used by businesses for many purposes, but its main objectives are to enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

Did you know?

According to a Relationship Survey of more than 10,500 customers, utilising CRM in business operations can increase revenue by 25%.

(Salesforce, 2022)

Here are some incredible ways that CRM can grow your B2B business.

1. Monitoring your customer relationships anywhere, at any time

CRM softwares such as Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM are cloud-based sales and marketing tools. This makes it easy for you to securely access your CRM and collaborate with your co-workers when monitoring clients’ website visits, email opens, and interactions with your business. With CRM, all of your important information including your marketing campaign performance, service issues, sales opportunities, and prospect contact information will be saved in one location. 

To ensure that you never miss a crucial appointment, you can also easily generate meeting invitations for your clients that are linked to your calendar with CRM software. After a time slot has been reserved, automations can also be scheduled. 

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Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

With the majority of business operations now carried out remotely, utilising CRM software will be advantageous to your company because it is more cost-effective and offers significant flexibility for all employees to access it whenever they need to.

2. Elevate your customer experience & service

A CRM system makes it easy for you to see your clients’ historical interactions with you, the progress of their orders, any unsolved customer service issues, and more. The Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM software’s Life of the Lead feature shows information on how your lead has interacted with your website or content. These interactions will be shown as a timeline.

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Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

Besides, you can also develop custom deal stages to track the opportunity’s progress from the start to the end of your sales cycle. This may include customising each deal stage’s quantity, order, name, and description to fit your particular company strategy.

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Source: Alaniz Marketing

This will make it easier for you to decide what aspects of your service to upgrade in order to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Reducing human error

Did you know?

Recent studies show that up to 90% of employees struggle with repetitive tasks, which reduces productivity and profits for businesses.

(Clockify, 2021).

Repetitive tasks such as data entry, reminders, tracking leads journeys can be automated with Marketing Automation functions that are well-integrated with your CRM.

Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s Visual Workflow Builder lets you create simple or even complex automation workflows that use a mix of triggers and filters to launch actions or groups of actions. You can create visual representations of your leads’ journeys using the Visual Workflow Builder to manage the routes they take to convert into customers so that you have a clearer picture of your customer journey.

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Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

Moreover, with Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s Sales Optimizer, you can automate sales tasks by setting up reminders for your sales teams whenever a lead initiates a particular workflow. This means that you are no longer required to rely on email notifications to inform your teams of their goals and tasks.

4. Helps you to evaluate your next business strategy

Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s Reports give you all the insights you need to assess your current level of sales success. In the CRM platform, you may track your success and have a better forecast of your future performance.

With interactive reports like the Pipeline Value Report, your sales reports will automatically display all of the prospects that are projected to close within a set time period. Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s software gives you the ability to customise reports so that you are able to concentrate on areas for improvement.

elevate business strategy ss img
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

You can also generate Opportunity Health Reports with Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM to assess how your pipeline opportunities are doing.

health report ss img
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

What's next for you?

CRM makes it possible to integrate your strategy with the demands of your clients, whilst enhancing your customer journey and maintaining customer loyalty.

Using CRM software has many additional wonderful advantages that you shouldn’t miss out on. Would you like to learn more about how CRM might help your company grow?

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