Staying Ahead in Education: Why CRM and Marketing Automation Is a Must

Did you know?

In 2022, the global higher education CRM software market size stood at 2,110.34 million USD. It is projected to reach 5,025.54 million USD by 2028.

Source: Business Research Insights, 2023 

Utilising marketing automation and CRM systems empowers your team to efficiently oversee the majority of interactions between your educational organisation with both prospective and current students.

Here are some key reasons why educational institutions and companies should consider implementing CRM and Marketing Automation solutions.

1. To Boost Enrollment Numbers

The synergy of Marketing Automation and education transforms student recruitment efforts  by identifying the most promising lead sources, tracking the progress of inquiries, and analysing the effectiveness of various marketing channels. By utilising marketing automation and CRM tools, educational institutions can streamline and optimise their marketing strategies, leading to a substantial boost in enrollment numbers  and ultimately enhancing the return on investment in education through Marketing Automation.

2. To Simplify Inquiry Management

Managing regular communication with a large number of students would be nearly impossible without CRM support. With features such as email templates and automated workflows, educational institutions can swiftly address common inquiries, ensuring efficient and timely interactions. Moreover, the appropriate CRM software facilitates personalised and targeted messaging ensuring that they receive contents that resonate with them.

3. To Enhance Record-Keeping

CRM softwares consolidates prospective student data, ensuring easy accessibility. This leads to accurate record-keeping by eradicating redundancies and assigns unique admission numbers to each student. CRM systems offer a 360-degree view of each student, enabling institutions to identify at-risk students and offer them the necessary support. Automated alerts and targeted communication can assist in preventing student dropout and boosting retention rates.

4. To Enforce Connections

Marketing Automation enables educational institutions to send personalised messages  to prospective students, current students, and alumni. By gathering data on the interests and preferences of each group, customised content and communication can be generated to nurture and maintain relationships . This level of personalization not only enhances engagement but also fosters stronger connections with students and alumni, potentially leading to financial support and valuable networking opportunities for students as they enter the job market.

5. To Make Informed Decisions

Conventional approaches to data collection in the education sectors are often fragmented, leading to data inconsistencies and incomplete profiles. Implementing CRM and Marketing Automation, on the other hand, establishes a streamlined process for data acquisition , monitors interactions, and consolidates information. Consequently, this ensures a thorough understanding of each prospect’s journey, empowering institutions to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.


Marketing Automation and CRM softwares offer a wide array of benefits, such as increasing the number of enrolled students, enhancing communication and relationships  throughout their academic journey, and streamlining administrative processes. In an ever more competitive educational landscape, these technologies provide institutions with a means to stay ahead and adapt to the evolving needs of prospective enrollees.

Whats next?

If you represent an educational institution in Southeast Asia, you have the option to select global providers of CRM and Marketing Automation solutions or opt for a localised solution with a dedicated team to assist with onboarding and support. “Lead Gen and CRM” from Constant Contact  stands out as a top choice for companies in SEA. This solution, coupled with its onboarding process, is tailored specifically to meet the needs of regional organisations. The “Lead Gen and CRM” team  operates from Malaysia and boasts a proven track record of successful lead generation campaigns and digitalisation services in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Explore how Marketing Automation and CRM tools can enhance your business  operations.

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