Content Marketing 2024: What’s In, What’s Out, and What’s Next?

Dive into the world of content creation and discover what’s making waves right now. We’re breaking down key trends, some you might know, but it’s crucial not to miss their impact this year. Take a closer look in our overview for insights to guide your content marketing strategy in 2024. Let’s keep it real and make your content shine!

1. Spread of AI

1.1 Data Collection

As a business leader or marketing professional, you are most likely already familiar with the surging popularity of AI content creation softwares. The introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022 marked the beginning of an AI wave. It prompted numerous brands to recognise the advantages of adopting generative AI in content creation.

Did you know?

61.4% of marketers admitted that they have been using AI in their marketing operations.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub, 2023

1.2 AI and Conversations

AI will also change the way consumers interact with businesses in 2024. Today’s consumers demand quick responses and instant solutions and AI chatbots are helping businesses deliver it. These intelligent tools interact with customers through dynamic conversations, providing quick answers and helping in decision-making, boosting satisfaction.

2. Power of Audio Content

Did you know?

Podcast listeners are expected to reach 504.9 million in 2024.

Source: Statista, 2023

Podcast listenership is on a steady rise, making it a new channel to consider in your content marketing strategy. Podcasts provide a unique avenue for audience engagement, fostering relationships, delivering value, driving sales, boosting brand visibility, and establishing authority.


Here are podcast trends that are growing in popularity:

  • Live podcasts that enable real-time audience interaction.
  • Educational content that provides value besides pure entertainment.

3. Voice Search Optimisation Takes Over

The demand for voice search is increasing with a growing number of people turning to voice assistants. To enhance the discoverability and relevance of content in voice searches, businesses should align their SEO strategies with natural conversational speech patterns. Unlike text searches, voice queries tend to be more informal and casual. Optimising for voice search requires adapting to the commonly used, sometimes grammatically incorrect, spoken sentences employed by individuals when interacting with voice assistants. A timely shift towards voice-centric optimisation will enable businesses to strategically position themselves in voice search.

4. Prioritising Videos in B2B Content Marketing

The demand for short videos in general will remain strong on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In 2024 B2B organisations are recognising the potential of visual storytelling and picking up the trend. As companies explore innovative methods to present their products, demonstrate expertise, and establish thought leadership, the strategic incorporation of video content becomes a pivotal trend in B2B marketing.

Examples of engaging B2B video contents are:

  • product demos
  • explainer videos
  • interviews
  • creative commercials
  • thought leadership videos.

5. Creating a Niche Content

Content saturation poses a significant challenge for marketers today. Industry sources are full of similar content that makes it increasingly difficult to elevate organic rankings for particular keywords. In response to this, brands are concentrating on crafting niche-specific and hyper-personalised content to attract a more relevant audience.

Instead of offering general insights, brands can generate customised content designed for specific sectors of the target audience. This not only addresses the issue of content saturation but also establishes the brand as a reliable authority in a particular niche.

6. Emotionally Engaging Content

In an era where the internet is overloaded with information, individuals often experience overwhelming anxiety, leading them to disregard content that demands more mental effort. Consequently, there is a natural inclination towards content that is enjoyable and relatable, as it is easier to consume. Surprisingly, even companies operating in conservative industries are witnessing improved outcomes by incorporating elements of fun and humour into their content strategies.

Memes, in particular, have proven to be an effective tool for businesses seeking to address customer frustrations and present their products as viable solutions. This strategy disrupts the perception that their products or services are excessively serious. 

Did you know?

90% of today’s social media feeds are memes.

Source: Lindenwood University Online, 2023


To escalate your content marketing in 2024, embrace AI as a key tool for innovation. Exploring the rising popularity of podcasts as a new avenue for businesses to navigate can lead to growing opportunities in the near future. At the same time, overlooking optimisation for voice search can become the biggest miss of 2024. So, aligning SEO strategies with natural conversational language should stay as one of your priorities for new SEO optimisation experiments. 

The rest of the trends can be viewed as elements of the long trend from the past years that keep developing further.

What's next for you?

Content creation is an essential part of your marketing strategy. To keep all elements integrated and to have a 360 view of your performance such as lead generation, content engagement, website activity, etc. you will require special softwares. Marketing Automation and CRM softwares help not only to automatically track all important data about your current and potential clients but also to implement and scale up personalisation and outreach. Contact our team at “Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact for effective ways of your marketing strategy execution.

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