Marketing Automation: Lowering costs, saving time, maximising efficiency

We all want to lower costs, save time, whilst maximise our efficiency in the workplace. With our FREE white paper, learn how your business can leverage on marketing automation tools to make your life easier and more productive!

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Discover how Marketing Automation can help you do more for less!

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Time, cost, and efficiency are three pillars that contribute to the success of every business.

What took us days once now takes mere hours to minutes to complete, and all at a fraction of the price. That is the paradigm of Marketing Automation softwares such as SharpSpring; it revolves around a software’s ability to complete tasks faster, better, and at a much lower cost. The more you can do with the same amount of time with a lower cost, the increased likelihood of you earning more in profit!

This means less people to hire, manage, and lower costs when it comes to overheads with no compromise on work done nor achieving your business goals!

1. Lead nurturing to make the best out of your prospects

Before your lead eventually decides to make a purchase, a lasting and meaningful connection would need to be built. This may be easier said than done as it takes a lot of effort to understand their unsaid needs and to communicate effectively at every stage of the customer journey. There will be many problems that you face as a marketer, such as:

  • Dormant leads
  • Low conversion rates
  • Sales cycles that are too longTo ensure that the relationship building process with your leads is truly engaging and intuitive, you will need to form a lead nurturing strategy, which is where SharpSpring can help you.

Lead nurturing programs need to be created depending on the buying stage your prospects are currently in.

As such, Marketing Automation tools such as SharpSpring can help you automate specific messaging to prospects of various stages in the sales funnel via email drip campaigns:

  • The awareness stage: a welcome campaign can be executed, whereby thank you emails are sent out to users who had just signed up to your newsletter.
  • The consideration stage: a product-focused campaign can be launched, whereby product information is sent out to position your brand instead of the competitors.
  • The conversion stage: an upselling drip can be performed, whereby emails containing information and incentives if they expand the product usage.

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