Marketing Automation with CRM for Small Businesses

Automate your business processes and generate leads with our B2B all-in-one marketing platform. Also comes with lead nurturing and scoring capabilities.

Sales Automation

Notifying your Sales Team via Automation

Timing is everything. Keep your sales team informed immediately by automating your business processes to keep them notified when high potential leads enter the marketing automation system or engages with your brand.

With sales and workflow automation, you can spend less time manually informing your sales team and more time focusing on your sales and marketing strategies!

Email Automation

Email Drip Campaigns to Nurture Your Leads

Keep your brand top-of-mind with Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s marketing campaign automation. Educate and nurture your new and existing contacts about your business with carefully curated email drip campaigns.

Most importantly: Our CRM and marketing automation features are well-integrated, allowing both features to work together seamlessly. This allows your brand to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Audience Segmentation

Dynamic Lists for Audience Segmentation

Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM’s marketing automation system comes with Dynamic Lists, which automatically segments your marketing leads based on past behaviours or specific engagements.

Once lists are created, your brand is able to deliver more personalised content, giving your sales team an advantage when communicating with leads.

Other Features

Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Reveal true ROI by tracking all your conversions: from your leads’ first touchpoint with your brand all the way until they convert.


Provide timely & relevant responses. Create amazing user experiences with our chatbots! And yes, it helps generate leads too!

Drag-and-drop builders

No coding required! Swiftly create landing pages, emails, and forms within minutes with our built-in drag-and-drop builder.

Life of the Lead

Fully equip your team with detailed knowledge of your leads and all of their engagement with your business’ digital assets with unique Visitor ID for behavioural analytics.

Over 90+ email templates

Create striking designs with our library of designer-worthy email templates. This means you can create beautiful emails within minutes with no coding knowledge required!

Real-time lead scoring

Keep track of your leads’ engagements with your business and score them according to information you deem important. This helps your sales team identify leads that are ready to be converted!

Ready for an all-in-one tool that fits your needs?