How “Lead Gen CRM” Enhances Your Small Business

As a leader of a small business you are looking for ways to effectively manage customer relationships, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and boost engagement. Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation (MA) platforms are essential for achieving these goals. It organises your team and equips members with the necessary tools to foster existing customer connections and grow new ones.

This is where “Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact comes in to support you and your organisation. Featured with robust features, SEA-based technical and marketing support team,  unmatched scalability, “Lead Gen and CRM” stands out as a first-hand choice for businesses operating in South East Asian countries. It offers an ultimate variety of tools and features accessible from the very beginning and you wont need to worry about growing costs when you scale up.

Let’s delve into how adopting a “Lead Gen and CRM” solution can enhance your business.

Business owners and managers often encounter challenges with successful tool adoption upon embarking on the journey of implementing CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. It is without a doubt that these software solutions require a certain level of digital literacy and managing power to be effectively incorporated into business processes. However, given proper onboarding and communication, proper utilisation of the tool can be achieved in no time at all.

Depending on the chosen subscription plan, tools similar to “Lead Gen and CRM” may offer chat or email technical support upon request, along with a knowledge base to support company employees in their independent learning. In contrast, the adoption of “Lead Gen and CRM” comes with more extensive support, available through various messaging platforms, phone calls, and video conferences. Our team members will coordinate onboarding processes and assist in digitising contact databases, setting up workflows, and implementing email drip campaigns to ensure that you maximise the benefits of our tool.

Moreover, the expertise of our team extends beyond the technical aspects of “Lead Gen and CRM” platform itself. With backgrounds in marketing and sales cultivated in South East Asian markets (our team is located in Malaysia and Singapore), we generated local expertise that now enables us to understand the specifics of businesses in the region, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers. Whenever your marketing or sales teams encounter challenges, we advise based on the most suitable solution that combines technical knowledge and practical expertise in local marketing.

Learn more about criteria on choosing the best CRM and Marketing Automation tool for your business.

“Lead Gen and CRM” is a system beyond traditional contact management, it provides a whole range of features crafted for small businesses – right from the beginning. Growing your business brings the benefit of not having to worry about rising costs for contact management or spending time customising the ideal set of functions. This is due to the fact that the “Lead Gen and CRM” features are readily available from the very beginning.

By utilising contact management and lead scoring, you can efficiently arrange and prioritise your contacts and leads, while also obtaining instant insights into customer behaviour. The platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities enables your team to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

Automated features like email drip campaigns, dynamic contact lists, and sales notifications, makes it easier to connect with your potential customers. This enables you to reach out to them automatically and provide quick and efficient support when needed.

Check out more of our robust “Lead Gen and CRM” features.

“Lead Gen and CRM” stands out as an excellent choice for small and expanding businesses in the SEA region, particularly in the context of a growing economy. The basic package alone provides a comprehensive range of features, starting from fundamental tasks like contact tracking to advanced functionalities such as drip campaigns and workflows. With this, you can be confident that your business fully leverages CRM and Marketing Automation.

Utilising “Lead Gen and CRM” with a the careful support of our professional team your business will be able to significantly gain:

  • increased lead generation, 
  • accelerated sales, 
  • streamlined contact management, 
  • improved customer service.

From its extensive support and onboarding to robust features and adaptability for scaling up businesses, “Lead Gen and CRM” delivers the ultimate solution to meet your business needs.

Contact the dedicated team at “Lead Gen and CRM” now and discover how “Lead Gen and CRM” can enhance your particular business and which CRM and Marketing Automation features will solve your day to day challenges. The team of “Lead Gen and CRM” is experienced in supporting the adoption of cutting-edge CRM and Marketing Automation software in South East Asia and is ready to help!

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