Open, Click, Enrol: Elevate Education Marketing with These Emails

Generating effective marketing emails can be challenging. To ease this challenge, we have streamlined five common email types with real-life examples for the education industry. By including comprehensive email screenshots, our goal is to inspire and empower the creation of messages that deeply resonate with both current and potential students.

1. Welcoming Emails

Welcoming new subscribers or learners marks the initial step in building a strong connection with an interested lead. The journey for potential students commence prior to their program enrollment—initiating with their registration for email updates. At this juncture, the aim is to cultivate their interest in pursuing educational plans with the institution or, for those already enrolled, to instill excitement about participation in the educational program. Creating personalised, value-driven welcome emails serves as a means for the institution to foster a positive sentiment, build trust, and establish the groundwork for enduring relationships.

Image: Drexel University welcome email

Here is an example of Drexel University‘s welcome email, tailored for prospective students exploring the university’s programs. The email emphasises avenues for obtaining additional information on studying, highlights attractive aspects of the university, and includes a call-to-action, urging interested candidates to reach out to the organisation promptly. The email’s design exudes a moderate and humble ambiance, reminiscent of a traditional educational institution.

2. Engaging Newsletters

Newsletters enable education organisations and institutions to showcase valuable content, promote new courses, and sustain engagement with their audience. Well-crafted, targeted newsletters have the potential to significantly increase course enrollments, encourage repeat purchases, and nurture long-term relationships. 

An illustration of this approach is the LinkedIn Courses recommendation email. LinkedIn strategically features trending courses personalised based on the career profile of the account owner (career profile is in marketing sphere). The email is singularly dedicated to promoting the courses, and its personalisation extends beyond the usual by reflecting the recipient’s LinkedIn connections who have already engaged with the highlighted courses.

Image: LinkedIn course recommendation email

3. Compelling Promotions

Promotional emails can prove highly effective for educational brands in generating interest, driving enrollments, and boosting revenue. Crafting enticing offers aligned with the prospective enrollees’ interests, employing persuasive copy, and utilising appealing visuals can markedly elevate the success of your promotional campaigns, capturing your audience’s attention.

In a notable promotional campaign, Codeverse, the world’s first interactive coding platform for kids, presented a code offering a $200 discount on their summer camps for a limited time period. This tactic created a sense of urgency, effectively encouraging more enrollments and new sign-ups.

Image: Codeverse promotional email coupled with an early bird discount

4. Event Invitations

Educational institutions often send emails to invite subscribers or learners to webinars, seminars, workshops, or other events. These emails serve to promote engagement and provide opportunities for direct interaction between potential students in their consideration stage and instructors or experts from the institution.

Targeting specific segments of their audience, such as women interested in learning programming, the international coding bootcamp Le Wagon strategically aligns their event with a marketing email to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Image: Le Wagons email invitation to a "Women in Programming' webinar

5. Testimonial Email

Sharing success stories and testimonials from past students or clients is a powerful way to establish trust and credibility. These emails frequently feature firsthand experiences of individuals who have benefitted from the educational services.

As an illustration, Le Wagon showcases the accomplishments of its students by inviting subscribers to watch videos about them. Such emails are strategically targeted at leads in the consideration stage of their journey. By highlighting successful graduates whose profiles and personalities may resonate with potential students, these emails aim to forge a deeper emotional connection with the viewer.

testimonial marketing email education lewagon
Image: Le Wagon's users video testimonial email

In the dynamic and evolving landscape of the education industry that is expanding beyond the traditional institutions, email marketing remains as an irreplaceable tool for connecting with a diverse audience. By strategically employing various types of emails, we can nurture engagement, establish trust, and draw in new learners.

What's next for you?

To streamline marketing email campaigns on a larger scale, utilising CRM and Marketing Automation tools is essential, given their widespread availability in various options. However, determining the best-fit solution requires careful consideration.

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