How to Identify the Best Marketing Automation Tool for your Business

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, the power of automation cannot be overstated. Marketing automation tools have emerged as indispensable assets, streamlining processes, optimising workflows, and enhancing overall efficiency for businesses of all sizes. However, with a myriad of options available, choosing the right marketing automation tool tailored to your business needs can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential steps to identify the best marketing automation tool for your business, ensuring that you make informed decisions that align with your objectives and propel your marketing efforts to new heights.

Many businesses hesitate to embrace new technology, no matter how promising it is, due to unconfidence in adopting new digital tools. Selecting a Marketing Automation tool with robust customer support can facilitate a smoother transition and fast positive changes in business processes. The availability of additional assistance to troubleshoot issues can so much improve  your comfort level with the tool and accelerate the realisation of benefits. 

When researching the optimal Marketing Automation and CRM tool for your business, focus not only on specific features and price level but also evaluate the level of the customer support. Responsiveness and  professionalism of customer support teams can be instrumental in ensuring success in digitalisation of marketing operations.

“Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact has a digitally savvy team of marketers and software professionals who will focus on the needs of your particular business. Moreover, the team situated in both Malaysia and Singapore are experts with businesses in those regions, as well as the whole South East Asian region as well. It will be an additional advantage for you especially if you intend to work with SEA markets.

Consider the additional software and technologies you are going to continue to use with the new Marketing Automation and CRM platform. Opting for a Marketing Automation tool that seamlessly connects with and integrates into your preferred marketing tools can streamline processes and enhance overall performance. Marketing Automation and CRM softwares are usually designed to integrate with various platforms, including engagement platforms, help desks, email service providers, and live chat software. However, the true value of a Marketing Automation tool lies in its compatibility with your existing technological ecosystem. Efficient integration ensures that the tool complements and enhances the efficiency of the technologies your business relies on. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct manual tests or utilise automation testing processes to ensure flawless integration with your current tech stack. Even if you don’t currently use multiple tools, reviewing APIs is essential for future-proofing, especially if you anticipate integrating tools to enhance customer support or develop an omnichannel experience.

The main software solutions Lead Gen and CRM have integrations with
Image: The main software solutions “Lead Gen and CRM” have integrations with

Reach out to our team to find out any additional information on integration capabilities of “Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact.

Evaluating different pricing options and choosing the one that fits the dynamic of your business is one of the essential steps on successful long term usage of the software. Marketing Automation and CRM tools vary in their fee structures, typically, Marketing Automation tools charge based on the number of features your adopt. However, for example, “Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact does not limit you by the number of features or functionality. The price remains the same as you adopt more functions, making it ready to suit your business needs as it expands. 

Assessing the growth of your database or feature needs over recent years and projecting future expansion is essential. This foresight allows you to choose an optimal plan aligned with your needs. The pricing structure should be transparent and forthright, with reputable companies openly sharing their fee breakdowns. Having discussions with sales representatives about your budget constraints and required features ensures you secure the most fitting package at the best value. Always refrain from committing to any contract until you have a comprehensive understanding of the pricing details, including any potential hidden fees or charges.

While a platform may include a myriad of innovative features, their value diminishes if navigating and managing tasks becomes time-consuming. Consider the simplicity of a platform and its ease of implementation for making changes and extracting relevant data. A prime example of a user-friendly interface is demonstrated by “Lead Gen and CRM”. Streamlining marketing and sales processes through automation is undeniably powerful, enhancing overall workflow efficiency and delivering critical insights.

However, transitioning to a new platform demands time and training to grasp its functionality, a particularly crucial consideration for eCommerce sites heavily reliant on automation for order placement and fulfilment. Prioritise testing the platform’s interface beforehand to gauge the setup time, enabling you to efficiently integrate the tool into your workflow and start reaping its benefits

One of the fundamental factors in selecting a Marketing Automation tool is aligning its capabilities with the specific needs of your business. The suitability of a tool is dependent on factors such as your business type, industry, and the objectives you aim to accomplish with the adoption of a new marketing automation solution.

For instance, B2B companies should prioritise tools that facilitate the delivery of sales-oriented content, whereas B2C companies benefit more from tools focused on crafting and sending personalised messages tailored to individual stages in the customer journey. The size of your company is also a critical consideration. When your business is just starting out, using tools that accommodate only basic tasks may already cover all your needs. However, as business grows, you’ll need tools that can handle a wider range of tasks.

“Lead Gen and CRM” by Constant Contact may become an optimal decision for the businesses operation in South East Asia, as the team of the platform consists of marketing professionals with extensive experience in that region. You can expect not only support from the technical side but also can make sure that the team understands your specific needs and can offer the best solution accommodating your SEA customers.

Begin the selection process by examining why you need a Marketing Automation tool and the desired outcomes for your business. Whether it’s scheduling social media posts or efficiently managing leads through the conversion process, clarifying your objectives simplifies the task of identifying the most suitable platform. 


Combining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Software proves to be a powerful duo for businesses aiming to work smarter and grow consistently. However, choosing the right platform for your business may include criterias besides obvious ones such as price and functions. User interface, available integrations, and customer support are game-changers for you in the long run.

What's next for you?

The dedicated team at “Lead Gen and CRM” is a group of seasoned marketing and sales professionals in the SEA market who not only assist in adopting digital marketing softwares for your business, but also take over or share digital burden and marketing operations on the professional level. Contact us now for the free consultation about adopting Marketing Automation software and demonstration of our tool.

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