Effective Marketing in the Philippines

Looking to expand your products or services in the Philippines and wondering what should be your ideal marketing approach? We analysed the key specifics and trends in the Filipino market and summarised them for you in this comprehensive list. 

Let’s take a look at what makes marketing in Philippines special.

1. Strong Social Media Presence

The Philippines has one of the highest social media penetration rates globally (72.5% of the total population). Filipinos are highly active on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making social media an obvious choice to reach and engage with your audience.

2. Diverse Culture and Languages

The Philippines is a culturally diverse country with over 180 languages spoken across its islands. Marketing campaigns need to be localised to resonate with different regions and ethnic groups, requiring a nuanced understanding of cultural sensitivities and preferences.

Want to learn more about the motivations and values of Filipino buyers? Read our blog post.

3. Family-Centric Culture

Family is a core value in Filipino culture that influences purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. Marketing campaigns that emphasise family values and relationships often resonate well with Filipino consumers.

Jollibee family value philippines filipino

Fast-food brand Jollibee commercial: family of the celebrity actor Aga Muhlach enjoys a sense of togetherness through sharing a meal. Source

4. Mobile-First Market

With a large portion of the population accessing the internet through smartphones (73.7% penetration rate in 2023), mobile marketing is crucial in the Philippines. Optimising marketing campaigns for mobile devices and leveraging mobile-specific channels can yield significant results.

5. Highly Engaged Audience

Filipinos are known for their active engagement with brands, especially on social media. They readily participate in online discussions, share content, and provide feedback. This presents an opportunity for brands to foster meaningful interactions and build strong relationships with their audience.

6. Love for Entertainment and Pop Culture

Filipinos have a strong affinity for entertainment, music, and pop culture. Incorporating elements of entertainment and leveraging local celebrities or influencers can capture the attention of the audience and make marketing campaigns more relatable.

Did you know? 

Around 86% of social media users from the Philippines follow at least one influencer on social media (compared to only 22.6% of internet users globally).

Source: Spiralytics, 2023

7. Festive Culture

Filipinos enjoy celebrations and festivals, providing opportunities for brands to create themed campaigns around holidays and special occasions. Campaigns that tap into the festive spirit and offer promotions or giveaways can drive engagement and sales.

Brian RJ NakakaLOKAL

Grab, the leading multifunctional app in Southeast Asia, supporting local SMEs in the Philippines launching of NakakaLOKAL Festival, bringing enterprises together and promoting Filipino culture. Source: Grab press release


As of 2023, the Philippines is considered the fastest growing economy across Southeast Asia with a growth rate of 5.6%. It is expected that the country will demonstrate significant growth and resilience in 2024, despite various global economic pressures. Coupled with its remarkable smartphone penetration rate and massive online population, the Filipino market stands as a prime arena for digital marketing endeavours. Consider the main cultural characteristics we listed in our post and craft a marketing strategy that will unlock potential with the Filipino audience.

What's next?

In today’s digital landscape, reaching potential customers effectively means updating your marketing strategies and utilising the latest software solutions. CRM and Marketing automation software are key to scaling your outreach while keeping your message relevant to each customer. For businesses targeting Southeast Asian markets, having access to a tool with strong local tech and marketing support is crucial. At “Lead Gen and CRM”, our experienced team specialised on the SEA market, is providing tailored lead generation campaigns and boosting your marketing capabilities. Contact us today for a free consultation on leveraging CRM and Marketing Automation for your business.

SEA consumer
Know your customers better: Comprehensive guide for SEA markets
From intricate cross-cultural interactions to the digital trends shaping consumer preferences, this is your essential tool for navigating the diverse landscape of Southeast Asian consumers.
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