8 Ways Marketing Automation Contributes to B2B Success

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Marketing Automation is more than just a buzzword. By definition, it is the use of technology to automatically handle marketing procedures across multiple channels. Marketing Automation is commonly used across both B2B and B2C industries with the main goal of helping businesses save cost, increase efficiency, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Increased Sales Productivity
Reduced Overhead Cost
Did you know?

Marketing Automation has shown effective in increasing sales productivity by 14.5% and reducing overhead cost by 12.2%

Source: Startup Bonzai, 2022

Ever wondered how Marketing Automation can contribute to the success of B2B industries? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from Marketing Automation!

1. Keeping your brand top-of-mind

A key component of a successful conversion campaign is by keeping your brand at the top of your consumers’ mind. This means that a customer is able to automatically relate a product or service to your brand. For example, when we think of coffee, we think of Starbucks. However, you don’t need to be a big name like them to be a brand customers recall first.

The secret here is to keep your customers consistently engaged and updated so that you will not be easily forgotten.

Marketing Automation does this easily through triggers in a visual workflow that automatically prompts engagement after a lead visits a high intent webpage (e.g. product page, pricing page). These types of triggers will automatically remind your leads about a product or service that they were looking for within the same day itself, creating higher brand recall.

SS marketing automation
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

2. Nurture leads until they are ready for conversion

True conversions happen when you have successfully generated revenue from your marketing efforts. However, to become a customer, a lead will have to go through the sales funnel, which is where lead nurturing strategies play a vital role.

3. Keeping leads educated and engaged

With Marketing Automation, you can create workflows that automatically send educational and informative content to your leads. This includes resources such as videos, white papers, brochures, and other content to help you relay the benefits of your products or services.

4. Personalised content marketing

Marketing Automation softwares such as Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM also provide the additional benefit of sending out specific personalised contents based on your leads past behaviours. For example, if a lead views a specific product or service on your website, the next automated action will show them brochures or videos based on that individual product or service itself. These personalised efforts deliver content that resonates with them, which helps your leads feel heard!

5. Manage high volume of leads

Nurturing leads can be time consuming and may require a handful of resources. Setting up email drip campaigns within Marketing Automation tools takes less than 10 minutes and once it’s ready, the system automatically pushes out automations for any future leads that meet the set criterias – saving your business both time and money in the long run. 

6. Ensuring efficiency within the team

When it comes to B2B business models, sales representatives play a crucial role in ensuring successful conversions as they represent the human connection between the business and the lead. An effective sales representative has the ability to keep their pipelines full and consistently flowing as it reflects the health, profitability, and future growth of business organisations. So, how can Marketing Automation platforms help support your sales team?

7. Trigger notifications to sales representatives

SS Personalised content marketing
Source : Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM
Did you know?

Calls received within 5 minutes are more likely to lead to real conversations!

Source: LeadSimple, 2022

In today’s fast phase environment, having a sense of urgency is more important than ever. 

In fact, letting a lead elapse for over 30 minutes or more could reduce your chances of conversion. However, often at times sales representatives may miss out on leads as they will not be spending most of their time looking at form submissions. Marketing Automation tools that are integrated with CRM systems solves this bottleneck seamlessly by simply triggering notifications to sales representatives whenever a new lead has entered into the system. These notifications can be sent directly to their emails so that they can be notified anytime, anywhere! 

SS notification trigger
Source : Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

8. Knowing when a lead is ready to be converted

Closing a deal is never easy. 

It’s all part of the process to get rejections and delays, which could dampen your sales representative’s motivation. To reduce the adverse effects of this, sales representatives should be given the support of identifying leads that show interest and are ready for conversion so that they can effectively redirect their time, effort, and resources towards those that are more likely to become paying customers.

Marketing Automation tools do this extremely well through lead scoring features which automatically awards leads with points based on every interaction and engagement a lead has made with your business. Once a lead has reached a desired amount of points, workflows will also automatically trigger out a notification to the sales representative alerting them that the lead is hot and ready to be converted.

SS lead score
Source : Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

What's next for you?

Marketing Automation creates a highly sophisticated system that goes beyond marketing and sales to individual customers. It can be difficult to fully grasp the potential of Marketing Automation unless you have experienced it up close but we would love a chance to explore that further with you.

Schedule a demo with us for a free personalised consultation on how marketing automation can contribute to your business success.

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