5 Ways To Write A Strong Email Subject Line

One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign is email subject lines as it is the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. By crafting a strong email subject line, your brand would be able to capture attention and deliver your message in a more effective way.

Did you know?

Strong subject lines result in 12% higher open rates and 75% click-through rates

Source : Walker Sands

A strong email subject line allows clear message delivery and provides your subscribers with a sneak peak of the information they need and at the same time entices them to open the email. With that said, here are 5 essential tips on writing a strong email subject line.

1. Keep it Short and Simple

Less is more. Keep your email subject lines as simple and straightforward as possible. For example, If you’re sending a newsletter with multiple articles, avoid writing something like “Five Ways To Write A Strong Email Subject Line.” Instead, shorten it!

For example: “5 Ways To Write A Strong Email Subject Line.”

Catch attention with minimal words. You can use numbers where possible to grab a reader’s attention in a way that words can’t. This way, you will have more room for your actual message and it will still be clear on what the email is about.

2. Include Open-Ended Questions

Readers are often curious beings, which is why they subscribed to your newsletter in the first place! By adding open-ended questions, you will be able to gain your readers’ attention and pique their interest at the same time.

For example, try using email subject lines such as “How you can benefit from Marketing Automation” instead of “The benefits of Marketing Automation”.

It’s often that questions may also feel incomplete without an answer. Therefore, by including a question into your email subject line, you would be able to encourage them to open the email to find out the answer. Remember to tie the unique selling points of your products or services where possible, especially if it will help them answer the question!

3. Add Value in the Subject Line

A central part of a good marketing strategy is to provide value(s) to your customers. A good subject line should be clear on what readers will gain by opening the email and reading the message. Think deeper about what your readers are looking for and tease a solution to that within the email subject line itself. For example, an email subject line that contains added value would look something like this

“Interested in saving ad cost by RM10,000 monthly?” 

4. Make it Personal

Did you know?

Subscribers are 26% more likely to open the email if they find that the content directly connects with them.

Source : Campaign Monitor

Studies have shown that consumers do not want to be treated like they’re just part of a statistic. Instead, they want to be treated like the individual that they are. A strong email subject line is one that is personalised, where it’s email subject lines, messaging, and content.

sharpspring personalisation img

A personalised email subject line is a strong one, and can include relevant details of the recipient such as name, occupation, purchase interest or other key details that you have collected in your database.

5. Keep it relevant!

Your subscribers may have signed up for a newsletter many months ago but they subscribed with the main purpose of staying informed. Keep your subscribers excited and intrigued with your emails by including trending topics or timely headlines within the email subject line to establish your brand’s position in the industry and to pique their interest!

What's next for you?

Overall, a strong email subject line will depend on your tone and the wording you choose. No matter which approach you choose, keep in mind that there is no single right answer; rather, finding the right headline is all about testing your various options and seeing what turns out to be most effective. This can be done by conducting proper A/B testing on your email subject lines until you find the right one that resonates with your subscribers. 

Marketers should strive to tell the entire story within the email subject line. This includes the reason the email was sent and what they want the reader to do, so that their brand. This will allow your brand to increase open rates, clickthrough rates and ultimately, conversions!

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