5 Marketing Automation Features Your B2B Business Needs

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What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Marketing Automation is a term gaining popularity in the B2B industry, and for good reason! But what is it exactly and how do those in the B2B industry solve its business problems? 

Marketing Automation is often defined as a software that helps businesses automate their lead generation, lead conversion, and sales processes. This tool has helped many B2B businesses avoid costly manual labour & decrease the number of human errors. 

Amongst many rewarding factors, Marketing Automation can help you:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Improve lead conversion rates
  • Increase productivity
Did you know?

Marketing Automation can reduce marketing overhead by up to 12.2%.

Source: Softwarepath, 2020.

Ever wondered how Marketing Automation can contribute to the success of B2B industries? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from Marketing Automation!

Useful Marketing Automation Features That Solve Business Challenges

1. Email Automation

Have you ever run an email marketing campaign and found it difficult to get your sales and marketing teams to work together? This may impact your conversion rates and generate low revenue in the long run. 

In reality, compared to conventional email marketing, personalised emails made with Email Automation increase sales conversion and customer retention.

Email Automation is a feature available in most Marketing Automation platforms that enables you to send action-triggered emails to your subscribers. This improves the efficiency and customisation of your email marketing.

But what about the need for coding skills to create engaging email marketing? Fret not! Even with zero coding knowledge, you can send customised emails to your leads using Email Automation with Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM.

Email Automation SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

2. Built-In CRM

It is important for your Marketing Automation platform and CRM to be well-integrated. This will allow your business to get a holistic view of your customer journey, which will enable you to deliver the best possible customer experience.

By keeping track of all customer communications, you can find your leads’ or customers’ preferred channels for engagement and improve the way you communicate with them. 

Did you know?

Research has shown that implementing CRM features can result in 39% increase in sales productivity.

Source: Codeless, 2022.

A built-in CRM keeps a history of your customers’ interactions with your business as well as information on the source of your leads, their stage in the sales funnel, and other relevant data. This will make it simpler for the sales and marketing teams to work together more successfully while making sure that all of the customers’ queries are addressed.

Built In CRM SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

3. Lead Scoring

Managing prospective leads manually requires a lot of human effort, time, and money for businesses. 

Lead Scoring is a feature offered by many Marketing Automation platforms to handle this process efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Lead Scoring allows you to manage your leads by classifying and ranking them according to information provided and interactions leads have had with your business. This allows for better resource management and improving efficiency as sales teams can focus on sales qualified leads (SQL) whilst allowing email automation to nurture colder leads.

Did you know?

By using Lead Scoring, lead generation ROI can be raised by 77%.

Source: The Rich Agency, 2019

Lead Scoring SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

4. Landing Page & Email Builders

Having a landing page is detrimental in ensuring your leads have a place to go to drop their details and convert. Typically, creating an email marketing requires HTML knowledge or even simple design skills, which may not be possessed by everyone. 

Marketing Automation platforms such as Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM provide drag-and-drop builders that allow you to create designer-worthy landing pages within minutes without any prior coding knowledge required!

Landing Page Email Builders SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

Along with Landing Page Builder, most Marketing Automation platforms also come with email builders. Email Builders let you quickly develop appealing, responsive email marketing campaigns that will catch the interest of potential customers using simple drag-and-drop tools. With email template builders, you can even quickly and easily customise your email based on the needs of your business.

With a well-integrated Marketing Automation and CRM platform, lead information from forms on landing pages can flow seamlessly to your email marketing campaigns, which will allow your business to utilise the data as it should be without any hiccups!

Email Builders SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

5. Chatbots

Community Management can be costly and time-consuming. Chatbots are a quick solution to handling customer care and support by immediately responding to frequently asked questions by customers in a more engaging way, with minimal human involvement.

Chatbot is one of the most beneficial Marketing Automation features that every B2B business should leverage on to enhance customer experiences by addressing inquiries 24/7. With fewer human operators required, chatbots enable businesses to significantly reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Chatbots SS
Source: Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM

What's next for you?

In short, B2B companies may use Marketing Automation as a powerful tool to nurture leads until they are ready to be converted into sales. Make sure you leverage on Marketing Automation to stand out from your competitors and boost the performance of your marketing efforts!

Get in touch with us here to arrange a free demo to learn how Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM Marketing Automation features can help your B2B business needs. We are always here to help your business grow!

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